Karnes CountyNewcomers School

Since the summer of 2014, the Karnes County Newcomers School (KCNS) has served the educational needs of non-native students. Over the course of the past three years, KCNS has helped prepare in excess of 3,000 students with little to no formalized education be ready to enter a US school for the first time.

Areas of Instruction

Our students receive instruction in four core areas, including English language arts, math, science, and history in both their primary language and English. In addition, students receive instruction in physical education, art, drama, and music on a daily basis.

Changing Students’ Lives

Students in our school typically stay an average of seven to ten days prior to being allowed to enter the U.S, so our time is very limited; however, during this brief time frame, our teachers are able to introduce the children to the routines, procedures, and educational standards they will encounter upon their entry into the U.S.

Our teachers change the lives of our students by familiarizing them with both the academic expectations and the behavioral norms they will encounter within their everyday classroom environment. Subsequently, since many of our students' first school experience is upon their enrollment in our school, we strive to make it a joyful and memorable experience for all of the students who pass through our doors on their journey to a brighter future.