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Miss Ross's Blog

We invite you to follow Miss Ross as she and her student embark on a journey to Amsterdam. 

Be it ever so humble...


There’s no place like home!  Yesterday around 1am local Texas time, Zoe and I began our trek back home.  Last goodbyes were given with a mixture of hugs and tears.  Earnest promises to keep in touch and collaborate were made with the exchange of emails and addresses.  One last mad dash through the terminal at Schipol Airport lead us to our airplane’s gate, and off we flew on our return to Texas.

Star Stuff


This is a notion I’ve heard many times before but which didn’t full realize until I shared the room with individuals from all over the world: Hungary, Croatia, the Netherlands, and Italy.  The full gravity of it hit me when a Syrian refugee and educator shared stories of how she would play music for her students to drown out the sound of airplanes and bombs.  Carl Sagan says we are all made of stars.  Instead of trying to dim them because of their differences, I think it’s time we celebrate the things that make our fellow stars shine

Hello from Amsterdam! - Zoe


This is Zoe checking in with her reflections from our first official day of the teacher-student seminar at the Anne Frank House.

Good Morning from 35,000ft


We have finally arrived at our destination!  A few reflections on our a paradoxically long yet short 8 hour flight from Chicago to Amsterdam before we set out to navigate public transportation and explore the city.

'Twas the Night Before Amsterdam


It’s the day before the trip to Amsterdam, and Ms. Ross should be packing.  Instead, she’s writing because sometimes you just need an outlet for your nerves.

Embarking on an Adventure


On the eve of a great adventure, Ms. Ross reflects on reading The Diary of Anne Frank as a child, the emotions of learning about the opportunity to go to Amsterdam, and the sheer excitement of only being three days away from embarking on a trip of personal and professional growth.